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Thank You America is the real life story of an 8 year old Iraq boy named Ali A Sami who was not even born when America invaded Iraq claiming that it had weapons of mass destruction. But no weapon of that sort ever found in Iraq and it was clear that the war was nothing but a plot to own Iraq oil production among other reasons that were more obvious well before the invasion.  
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8 year old boy on iraq war thanks to america
The invasion totally paralyzed the entire country killing nearly a million (950,000 civilians) and wounding many more. Damage on Iraq's infrastructure was so severe than not even thousands of million dollars would be sufficient to rebuilt same  to its original state. More importantly the scars it left in the minds of Iraq people and as a result the resurgence of extremism and ethnic unrest that later contributed to the problem of ISIS alike. 

"A survey published in January 2008, conducted in August and September 2007 by Opinion Research Business, a British polling firm, in conjunction with Iraq’s Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies found that about 20% of households surveyed had lost at least one member, and estimated that 1.03 million people had died in the war with a 95% certainty for a number of deaths between 946,000 and 1.12 million. Same report further suggested, More than 4 million Iraqis have been  displaced since 2003, including almost 2 million children.

This video of a small kid that is going viral on internet talks in depth of how their perfect world of existence shattered by the Amrican invasion of Iraq and their hope for a good future disappearing from the horizon of life . 

He explains in details the horrors of the American invasion, the life of modern Iraq's and the emotional and financial damage occured due to the war. Specially the pathetic state of Iraq Children who once had a normal everyday life like any other peaceful nation around the world. 

In this video of "Thank You America"  Ali explains the future of Iraq Children and believes that every viewer will get a true picture of what it feels to be a children of a war-torn country. 

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