Hitler Faked His Death and Lived 95 Years With His Brazilian Girlfriend

 on Sunday, 8 May 2016  

Whether you may like it or not, the world will always share a love to hate relationship with enigmas such as Hitler. Among the cruelest of dictators to exist in this century, Hitler rose to infamy with the vilest reputation of being responsible for the genocide of six million Jews. No rational human mind can ever justify the insane ideology of a barbaric mass murderer, but in regards to his own rise and fall, a debate rages till today as to whether Hitler died in his bunker on that fateful day in 1945 or whether he really lived to a ripe old age hidden somewhere in South America.
A new book by Simone Renee Guerreiro Dias claims that Hitler lived to be 95 in Brazil. He escaped from his bunker after faking his own death and fled to Argentina where he lived in Brazil with his girlfriend till he died of old age.

Hitler May Have Escaped Germany

Till now you believed that Hitler died in the famous bunker along with his German girlfriend Eva Braun. True or false? The theory is being put to test with the arrival of the new book, written by Dias as a new revelation on the fascist and how he survived.

The book explains how he escaped Germany and managed to make his way to Brazil via Argentina and Bolivia. The fascist lived the rest of his life incognito in the Brazilian state of Mato Graso with photographs bearing testimony to such a fact. Even more fascinating is the fact that he was given a treasure map by his allies at the Vatican which he took with him in hopes of excavating the buried treasure.

Hitler May Be Living In Brazil

The author of the amazing book is a journalism student, Simon Renee Guerreiro Dias who lives in Cuiaba. In her near bizarre story, she claims that Hitler made a Girlfriend named Cutinga as a ploy to divert people’s recognition of him. He also changed his named to Adolph Leipzig. In her book “Hitler in Brazil-his life and death” she states that Hitler lived in Nossa Senhora do Livramento, which is a small border town in Brazil, 30 miles from Dias’ home town of Cuiaba.
In order to justify and even provide proof of her claims, she plans to acquire DNA from a relative of Hitler who is supposed to be living in Israel. The results will be matched with the mortal remains of Adolph Leipzig who is allegedly buried in the Brazilian town and who Dias says is none other than Hitler. She has secured permission to exhume the alleged grave. Hitler specifically came to this particular town in hopes of excavating the Jesuit treasure which was supposed to be buried in a cave according to the map.

Book Claims Hitler Had a Brazilian Girlfriend

Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias began her quest for the identity of Hitler when she came across a photograph of the German man living in the town of Brazil. She mentioned it bore uncanny resemblance to Hitler and that’s when she decided to investigate. She provides the photograph which shows a happy but old man with a dark Brazilian woman. Dias also provides snippets of fantastic information regarding Hitler and his life in Brazil.
Dias investigated her story by actually staying in the small border town for two years. She has requested authorities to allow her the exhumation of the alleged grave so that she can provide medical and DNA proof of her theories that Hitler lived to be 95 in Brazil.

Did Hitler Really Die In the Bunker or Didn’t He? Bodyguard Provides Ultimate Proof
Regardless of the new Hitler conspiracy that Hitler lived to be 95 in Brazil, it is a well known fact that an innumerous number of Nazis escaped to South America. The two most famous of these were Adolf Eichmann and the mad Nazi scientist Josef Mengele. While Eichemn was captured by Israeli intelligence and then tried and subsequently executed in 1962, Mengele was lucky enough to evade capture but died in swimming accident in Brazil.

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