When You Hear They Say “Not All Muslims Are Bad”, This Is The Perfect Answer To Give (VIDEO)

 on Tuesday, 17 November 2015  

They Said “Not All Muslims Are Bad”, This Woman’s Honest Reply Is Perfect !

For years we have been hearing that Islam has always been ‘hijacked’ by certain Muslim extremists and the radicals interpretation of Islam is wrong etc, but we dare ask… does that really matter?

is islam is a religion of peace

Yes we understand that MOST Muslims are peaceful, however. That should always come with the helpful figure that those extremist Muslims that you so hesitantly include in your circle make up about 15%-20% of the Muslim population. Bigger than any stretch of imagination when it comes to religious extremism. Besides, Islam is the only religion to produce such a large proportion of extremists. No other religion can even come close to that. Not even 5% mark.
islam is a religion of peace Brigitte Gabriel to Muslim Woman Who claims Majority of Muslims are Portrayed Badly
That doesn’t sound too menacing, now does it? Well wait for it… Those 20% manage to make up around 270 million people of the world. That’s 270 people who have killed in the name of Allah. The list of killings of this "extremism" tops any other list of killings in all of the history of mankind. On the other hand what does the "Majority" of true Muslims did to STOP this? False interpretation of Islam as they say ? 

Here’s an amazing response to someone who thinks Muslims are not portrayed correctly. This is just perfect. I always believed, good people doesn't really matter as long as they can do nothing. 

What a fantastic answer to a Muslim. We are tired of hearing this argument over and over again. It was refreshing hearing a politician speak so clearly on Islam!

This is an EPIC take down!
When You Hear They Say “Not All Muslims Are Bad”, This Is The Perfect Answer To Give (VIDEO) 4.5 5 SEEKER Tuesday, 17 November 2015 They Said “Not All Muslims Are Bad”, This Woman’s Honest Reply Is Perfect ! For years we have ...


  1. Bridgette Gabriel is a well known bigot and anti Muslim. You may as well quote Hitler about Jews.

    Between the Taiping rebellion (a Christian war), genocide of the native Americas, the Aborigines, the slave trade, both World Wars (Hitler said he was doing God's work in Mein Kampf), King Leopold II's enslavement of the Congo, the Bengal famine and the 1.5 million+ civilians killed during the war on terror, well in excess of over 100 million were killed in the name of Christianity, more than any other group in history by a substantial margin, probably three times the number killed by the Mongols. The only genocide committed by Muslims was the genocide of the Armenians last century.

    1. Bullshit! Look up Turkey's past and see what they and why they did it.

  2. Not all spiders are deadly- now go hug a spider.. - be honest if you see a spider are you cautious or wary- when you cant tell if its deadly or not you tend to error on the side of caution- its natural. - and when your talking about irrational ppl following holy books- with GOD on their side its hard to assume you are dealing with a rational person- again you error on the side of caution- its natural to assume that irrational ppl will act irrationally- this applies to ALL theists of all faiths every day of the week.

  3. Muslims embrace concepts like Karma and the logic of Numbers (statistics) ... The real terrorists of this world : they enjoy fooling the simple ; defeating really is as simple as understanding the truth about how, what and why terror exists in the world ... for the truth always sets us free! www.veteranstoday.com/2013/03/01/israel-celebrates-successful-911-operation-on-purim-holiday/

  4. Bridgette Gabriel is totally correct in everything she has said because these are the TRUE facts of that people and their thinking. Actions speak louder than words. But her words put the truth in the ear. Don't like the words, ah well, still true.


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